54051    Satin silver 3000K CRI 90
54351    White 3000K CRI 90
54551    Black 3000K CRI 90

54050    Satin silver 3000K VIVID
54350    White 3000K VIVID
54550    Black 3000K VIVID

54052    Satin silver 4000K CRI 90
54352    White 4000K CRI 90
54552    Black 4000K CRI 90

To be completed with:

51002    12° reflector
51004    24° reflector
51006    38° reflector

LED spotlight with base and arm with double joint, 90° inclination on the horizontal plane and 360° rotation around the vertical axis.
Aluminium structure and dissipator, Die cast chrome-finish arm.
Protective glass, easy secondary lens replacement. [12°, 24°, 38°]
Different shade LEDs [3000K, 4000K].
Available in the CRI 90 version and in the VIVID COLOR (CITIZEN) version, which is suitable for the exaltation of the entire colour and white range.
It is recommended for the lighting of paintings, coloured fabrics and in all situations where the best colour rendering is needed.
Integrated power supply.

1 LED x 13W with 350 mA power supply
1150 lm CRI 90 3000K / 1000 lm VIVID 3000K
1200 lm CRI 90 4000K

Net weight Kg 0.65

Measurements are in mm unless otherwise noted