Three-phase track

10010    Satin silver 100 cm
10110    Polished silver 100 cm
10310     White 100 cm

10020     Satin silver 200 cm
10120     Polished silver 200 cm
10320     White 200 cm

10030     Satin silver 300 cm
10130     Polished silver 300 cm
10330     White 300 cm

Track made of extruded aluminium.
Electrical copper conductors inserted in a profile of insulating
material [glow wire 850°].

The 3 phase conductors and the common neutral conductor
permit 3 distinct activations.
By connecting to the single phase alternating current the
maximum load is 16A [3680W] broken down into 3 circuits.
By connecting to the three phase alternating current the
maximum load is 16A [3 x 3680W = 11040 W].

There is a phase selector on the NODE BOX socket groups
and on the NEUTRA and NUO spotlight; this phase selector
is to be positioned based on the line selected for the power

It is possible to install the system to the ceiling, wall or
fastened to the work surface.

Track cut to measure to be installed by a qualified technician.

Use the the ceiling/wall mounting devices shown on the
following page, by placing them in correspondence with the
end parts of the installation and near the joints.
The use of a support every 100 cm of the track allows for a
maximum load of 10 Kg per meter.

The track has grooves that enable the anti-glare installation of
the 8 mm LED strips on both sides [Side Light] and LED strip
up to 20 mm on the back [Up Light] if suspended.

Protection rating I

Net weight 1 kg every 100 cm.


Measurements are in mm unless otherwise noted
Protection rating IP20 The dust proof sealing 19042, made of
vapour proof silicon material and that can be cut to size may
be added to the track; this system enables to reach a IP4X
protection rating in the covered area.

When the track is mounted to the wall horizontally the open
side should be facing down.
Use the 19042 seal to prevent inadvertent introduction of
NODO BOX, or lights, to the point on the track where you do
not want or cannot place them CEI 64-8].