NODO BOX is the socket system element that lets you simultaneously connect two devices for a maximum load of 3680W load [16A/250V].
It is designed in the high and low version to integrate the most common national and international sockets. NODO BOX with dual USB charger is coupled to the Italian/German standard socket.

Shuttle, the system node.

The Shuttle slide device is operated with a simple gesture that makes the mechanical coupling of the socket and light elements to the track and their electrical power supply possible at the same time.
The integrated phase selection switch lets you choose which of the 3 lines on the track to connect each element.
With this device, it is possible to handle the switching on of lights and sockets separately.
Connected to the three-phase network and with the electrical load divided on lines 3, you get a total power of 11 Kw.
NODO is protected internationally by industrial invention patents.
The possibility of integrating and repositioning NODO BOX across the length of the track enables you to change the position
and add equipment, free from the traditional electrical system constraints.