One product, many possibilities.

NEUTRA has a compact shape for Down Light and a double-joint arm to become a completely adjustable spotlight: 90° inclination on the horizontal plane and 360° rotation around the vertical axis.
Different shades LEDs [3000K, 4000K] with high colour rendition index [CRI 90]. User interchangeable perspective to change the ambient lighting [12°, 24° and 38°].
Available in Wallwasher version with asymmetric optics for diffuse wall or ceiling lighting.
The Shuttle integrated phase selector lets you choose the electric line of the track to connect the spotlight.

NEUTRA spotlight on the suspended track.

The SMART-ON device allows the conductor joint to be moved to any point of the track allowing the creation of different configurations.
NEUTRA comes from the idea of being able to use a single product for different lighting solutions.