Design, materials and finishes of the accessories follow the line of the project.
The SHELF, HOOK and PAPER TOWEL ROLL HOLDER accessories add functionality to the track and free the work surface from unnecessary clutter.
NODO shelf is a storage element that, thanks to its contour, allows the positioning of tablets up to 12,9” with two inclinations for a more enjoyable reading.
The NODO DESK accessories allows to better organise work stations.
The supports allow you to position the track even in the absence of a wall.
Their cylindrical shape is designed for the coupling of monitor supports.
The track can be positioned at a variable height on the supports.
The installation is completed with the NODO BOX socket units, lights and accessories.
NODO cable management system allows to add data and video cables following the direction of the electrified track
with the same positioning and movement flexibility as the sockets.
Accessories (hook, shelf, and roll holder) can be hooked to NODO RIORDINAFILI.