NODO is a subtle electric revolution.

The essential design and ultra-slim shape make it an innovative system, with aesthetics that fit easily into any type of environment.
NODO chooses the quality and resistance of a noble and recyclable material.
Tracks, corners, joints and all accessories are made of extruded aluminium with anodized finish in two versions: satin silver, polished silver and white.

Shuttle, the system node.

The Shuttle slide device is operated with a simple gesture that makes the mechanical coupling of the socket and light elements to the track and their electrical power supply possible at the same time.
The integrated phase selection switch lets you choose which of the 3 lines on the track to connect each element.
With this device, it is possible to handle the switching on of lights and sockets separately.
Connected to the three-phase network and with the electrical load divided on lines 3, you get a total power of 11 Kw.
NODO is protected internationally by industrial invention patents.

Smart-ON, our connection.

NODO is an extremely safe system and can be installed in many conditions of use, both in domestic and public environments. Made in compliance with lighting system and electrical conduit safety standards [CEI-EN 61534-1/21 and CEI-EN 60598-1] to be installed in accordance with the installation provisions.
All parts that compose the system, the NODO BOX socket groups and the lighting sources are directly connected to the earth line.
The Smart-ON device, designed by Letroh, enables a quick and safe connection of all system elements.
The technology and functionality of the Smart-ON are found in the linear and angular joints and in the power supplies.


With a customisable cut and a variety of finishes, NODO dresses your creativity.
The track and all the metal parts that complete the system can be treated with different finishing techniques: special anodizing, varnishing, veneer, sublimation and application of Di-Noc 3M® films. Materials such as wood, special metals, carbon, leather, stone and a multitude of other finishes can be faithfully reproduced to the sight and touch.
In addition to the standard versions, the tracks can be requested in special measures and light sources with different K degrees.
These solutions have been designed specifically for the Contract sector.
Contact our offices for any information on tailored solutions.